“I Do”  Take Two – Second time around?

Are you looking to marry for a second time? Read on for some fantastic tips for those who are looking to plan their perfect wedding day.

Weddings are traditionally a source of huge joy and excitement for all concerned, but if it’s the second time around for either one of the couple or even both, it can sometimes be a little more complicated affair.

With the possibility of stepchildren to include, a new set of in-laws, not to mention the fact that many of the guests may have seen you marry the first time, how do you avoid a replay of your first wedding, and ensure your day is completely different and unique to you? Perhaps not quite what your mother or father visioned you having!

Whatever the circumstances, every couple deserves a memorable and magical second wedding day, so that they can start their new married life together. There are wonderful benefits of second marriages – doing it all over again, and you’re certainly not alone.

One in four weddings in the UK are second timers whom are taking the plunge again. Whether had to go through a divorce, or going through the loss of your first partner, a second marriage brings the benefit of wisdom and experience – this is the moment to have the day that you always wanted.

It’s likely you’ll feel less obliged to stick to certain traditions and will enjoy the freedom to personalise the day to you and your other half’s taste. Perhaps you’ll do away with the stuffy lineup, or maybe the speeches will be given before you eat, or maybe abandoned altogether in favour of simple toasts? Why not do away with a sit-down meal and instead offer your guests al fresco food stations, to create a truly relaxed atmosphere, rejecting any sense of formality?

For the woman, it’s an opportunity to abandon the expected white dress and go for all-out glamour and colour. We attended the wedding of a stunning bride, marrying for the third (and hopefully last!) time, who looked drop-dead gorgeous in black Vera Wang.

Or maybe you feel that your white frou frou number from your first wedding was a total fashion fail, and you’d like to do it right this time and opt for a classic and elegant white dress.

Take a look at Meghan Markle and her second marriage with Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, who wore a glam and elegant Stella McCartney halter dress, as a change to her first marriage wearing a strapless gown with a jeweled belt. Either way, the pressure is off and it’s completely up to you and how you want to start your new life together.

Maybe you’ve been putting off getting married, or feared making the commitment for a second time? Whatever the reason, when you decide to take the plunge, you may not want to wait for 12-18 months for your big day as many first-time couples do.

At Manor By The Lake we offer ‘last-minute’ weddings; a great opportunity to secure our fantastic venue without having to pay for the privilege of a height of summer Saturday date. If you’re prepared to be flexible, why not consider a midweek wedding? This is another way you can book a specific month that may otherwise be out of your budget.

For couples who previously married in a church, a civil ceremony may be the natural option, and this brings the huge advantage of being able to hold your entire celebration under one roof. Be pampered and get ready with your closest friends and family, have your marriage vows witnessed in stunning surroundings – you could even opt for an outdoor ceremony – and then party the night away, all at the same location.

Why not book the venue exclusively and enjoy the freedom to really let your hair down and make it a 24 or even 48-hour affair? At Manor By The Lake, we have plenty of wedding ceremony spaces – the Maximilian, Manor Arches, Lakeside and Italian Pavilion, or even the Ballroom- you’ll be spoilt for choice!

If all the above still makes you quake with fear, don’t worry, your wedding day can be as small and restrained as you wish. Manor By The Lake plays host to many intimate weddings, where couples involve just a handful of close friends and family, to celebrate their commitment and undying love to one another. For some, a simple ceremony of renewing marriage vows, followed by an exquisite meal in gorgeous surroundings is everything they dream of for their second marriage.

So the secret to a successful second-time wedding? Do it your way. Talk to a wedding planner and create a list of the elements that are really important to you. And don’t be afraid to step away from the norm. This is your day and it is a big deal that the second time around it is right! As they say – ’till death do us apart!

Whether it is your first official visit or your second time around renewing your vows, contact our team at Manor By The Lake on 01242 245 071 to book your private tour.

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