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Manor By The Lake is one of three extraordinary and individual venues that make up the Heritage Rocks group. Heritage Rocks is the dreamchild of Tammy Madge and Michael Chittenden who have one simple and heartfelt mission – to bring love, warmth and celebration back into some of the most beautiful heritage buildings in the country.

Each of the lovingly-restored properties retains its own distinctive and authentic personality, but the team, service and occasions all share the same DNA that will make your visit truly special.

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A picture paints a thousand words

Want to get lost in the charm and atmosphere of Manor By The Lake? Check out all the nooks and crannies (and we have both in abundance).


Our Values

There are certain core values that bring Manor By The Lake to life, giving our beautiful estate personality and offers our guests something to believe in when they step through our manor doors.


We are generous and abundant with our welcome and our hospitality.


We have a positive can do attitude where nothing is too much trouble. We like to make things fun.


We are fair, well-mannered and believe in the goodness of humankind. We behave with integrity in everything we do.


We are all about people. Our buildings are beautiful, but we know it is the people within them that create the memories and warmth.


We have individual taste and style, and do not believe that people, buildings or occasions fit into neat moulds or stereotypes.


Bank Holiday Wedding Date Available - Sunday 25th August 2024!

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