5 Romantic Reasons for Choosing a Dusk Wedding

With summer on the way, we’re looking at weddings with a difference and the option of holding a super romantic dusk wedding ceremony. With summer the traditional season to wed, why not look to a twist on the expected, and invite your friends and family to a magical dusk wedding this year.

Here are our top 5 reasons for choosing a late afternoon ceremony for your wedding.

1. Plenty of time to prepare

Practically speaking, dusk is the ideal time to wed as you have almost the entire day to get yourself ready! There’s no rushing around to get ready for a late morning ceremony, starting your hair and makeup when it’s barely breakfast-time, but instead a leisurely day of laid back preparations allowing you to avoid last minute panics.

It also gives your guests plenty of time to arrive, and check into their overnight accommodation if they’re making a night of it, plus it means that people don’t have to travel in their wedding finery. For you and your bridesmaids, why not book a relaxing morning massage, or go for a swim to help soothe away any wedding day nerves, safe in the knowledge that you’ve still plenty of time to make yourself gorgeous in time for the big ‘I do’.

Romantic Reasons for Choosing a Dusk Wedding shutterstock 615396959.jpg 12. Romantic Dusk Ceremony

We love dusk as it’s probably the most magical moment of the day. That fleeting time between daylight and nightfall when the light is truly special and it captures the essence of a British summer day.

If it’s a hot day, the temperatures will have lowered by sun fall, meaning you’re not trapped in a stunning ballgown dress, getting hot and uncomfortable with every passing minute.

Sunset throws up magical colours in the sky, providing a truly beautiful and natural backdrop for an outdoor ceremony and helping set the scene for a wonderfully romantic and memorable event for the bride, groom, and guests.

3. Candlelight dinner

Romantic Reasons for Choosing a Dusk Wedding shutterstock 445604017.jpg 2

Following the ceremony, enjoy drinks and dinner by candlelight to enhance the romantic mood as the day transitions into night.

Pack your venue with twinkling tea lights and gorgeous pillar candles to capture the romance of the evening. For a truly beautiful ambience, why not include scented candles in your table settings which allow you to enhance the mood. Go for rich, romantic rose scents, or clean, crisp citrus fragrances as part of your overall decor and theme.

Romantic Reasons for Choosing a Dusk Wedding shutterstock 437946520.jpg 34. Soft photography

Talk to your photographer to understand how best to capture the mood of a romantic dusk wedding. The lessening light means your images will need to be carefully planned to make sure you get the most from your setting at exactly the right moment.

We recommend meeting your photographer to discuss how you want your images to be captured, and what shots you’d like taking both before and after the ceremony.

Personally, we love a hazy, soft focus wedding photograph which is perfect for dusk ceremonies. Sunsets make a wonderful backdrop for formal photographs and introduce stunning colours to your images that simply aren’t possible at other times of the day.

5. An interesting twist

Romantic Reasons for Choosing a Dusk Wedding shutterstock 337991192.jpg 4

Mostly we love a dusk wedding because it’s something slightly different and unexpected. We’re always keen to embrace any new bridal trends and for us, a dusk wedding offers a wonderful option to break with tradition.

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor ceremony, the magical, beguiling sunset hour is a truly stunning and romantic choice.

At Manor By The Lake we love a dusk wedding! For more ideas on how to create your perfect day, take a look at our Dusk Wedding Pinterest Board or talk to one of the team. We have just a few dates remaining for 2018 so why not give our amazing wedding planners a call today on 01242 245 071 or email [email protected] to book a private tour of our stunning Victorian Manor House.


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