Stunning Stationery For Your Wedding

Gone are the days of stuffy, formal invitations sent out by the bride’s parents. This season, there’s a wealth of stationery choices for couples wanting to communicate their wedding plans.

From quirky ‘save the dates’ to gorgeous, decadent invitations, here’s the Manor By The Lake team’s roundup of simply stunning wedding stationery.


Save the date stationery

If you’re looking to get married during a popular season such as summer or Christmas, it’s a good idea to give your potential guests as much notice as possible. We love some of the more quirky ways that people now choose to send out as save the dates. From hand-printed calendar cards to fun ‘pencil us in’ gifts there’s plenty to choose from.

We’ve also seen fridge magnets, mini bottles of fizz with the date on the sticker, and personal polaroid picture montages. The new rules seem to be… there are no rules! Do something that captures the spirit of the occasion and that will make people smile.


Whether you’re happy to splurge on bespoke print options, or are looking to DIY invites, you will find plenty of inspiration this season.

Most couples try to tie their stationery into the overall theme of their wedding day. This could be a specific colour scheme or may be based on something like a place, cuisine, or decor style. Popular wedding themes such as ‘Rustic’ and ‘Vintage’ lend themselves perfectly to homemade invitations but even if your theme is a more decadent ‘Spanish Fiesta’ or ‘Winter Wonderland’, you’ll find plenty of ideas on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Buy beautiful envelopes and adorn these special cards with ribbon, ink stamps or personalised stickers. All can be designed and produced using online sites at really reasonable rates.

All the blah blah blah

For 3-day destination weddings, or traditional half day church affairs, there’s plenty of information your guests need to know in advance.

We love the rise in popularity of hand drawn maps showing where the various elements of the day will take place. Even if your ceremony and reception are all under one roof, you can still direct people to the nearest train station, motorway junction, and all your available B&B options with the help of a personalised map. You can get these made for you, or simply ask a creative friend to draw a basic outline for you that you can enhance with colours and imagery.

Many couples now also choose to include an overview of the order of the day so guests know roughly what time they’ll be fed, and what time the festivities are due to end (particularly useful if taxis need to be booked). A separate insert with all the key information can be helpful here and can be tied into your overall theme using the same font, colours, and imagery on all of your stationery.


RSVPs are no longer simply a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to the invitation. Today’s canny couples are using the opportunity to get their guests input in advance of their big day. How about using the RSVP card to ask for their favourite song to be added to the playlist?

Or what about adding in a vote on the pre-dinner drinks? If you’re undecided between a traditional glass of fizz or a more contemporary cocktail, why not get your guests to choose instead?

Thank you’s

You may decide on a suite of cards in advance so that all your wedding stationery items neatly match one another but if you’re happy to be patient, there’s nothing nicer for a thank you card than using one of your wedding photographs to send to all your guests to thank them for their attendance and gift.

Talk to your photographer to understand when the first images will be available, and select one of the least formal shots to share with your friends and family – they’ll treasure it as a special memento from your wedding day and it’s a lovely way to relive the day with those closest to you.


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