Wedding Favours from the High Street

With seemingly everything available for budget-conscious brides and grooms on the High Street, you don’t need to look far to source everything you need for your big day.

This week our Manor By The Lake wedding planners have rounded up their top tips for wedding favours that are easily and cost-effectively purchased from your local High Street.

1 Packets of Seeds

We know that you can order personalised seed packs that make great wedding favours, but if time or budget doesn’t allow for a bespoke option, we love the idea of giving all your guests a simple off-the-shelf packet of seeds that they can take home and grow.

Whether you go for wildflower mixes, or maybe a specific plant or vegetable, there are literally hundreds of options available in your local garden centre.

We Love:

Basil Seed Cell from Dobbies Garden Centres, £0.99 each (currently £0.50 in summer sale)

2 Charity Pin

Wedding favours are a good way to raise awareness of a cause or charity close to your heart. Most of the larger charities sell pins and badges and ask for a donation of around £1 per pin, but if you prefer to support a smaller or more local charity, you could simply make a donation to them and then print cards for each of your guests explaining what you’ve done.

We Love:

Alzheimer’s Society Forget-me-not pin, £1.25 each or £9.99 for 25 tent cards.


3 Gourmet Popcorn

Edible favours are always popular so why not opt for a guaranteed crowd pleaser such as popcorn. There are loads of different flavours to choose from, and these can be easily bought from all the major supermarket chains.

We Love:

Tyrrells Poshcorn, £1.79 for 5 bags (mix of sweet and salty)


4 Jam

Continuing the edible theme, what about leaving your guests a jar of jam or honey to take away with them? We defy you to find anyone who doesn’t love a slice of hot buttered toast with lashings of jam. Choose yours and your partner’s favourite flavours to add a personal touch.

We Love:

Tiptree Strawberry Conserve, £2.09 a jar


5 Sweets

If you’re not splashing out on a sweetie cart, then giving your wedding guests a bag or packet of sweets is always going to be a winner. Stick with the romantic theme and hand out packets of Love Hearts, or maybe go retro with a Sherbet Fountain.

We Love:

Retro Candy Wrist Bracelets, £1.15 for 3


6 Lottery Ticket

If you can bear the thought that they might win big, then why not gift your guests a lottery ticket each? You can opt for the traditional Lotto draw ticket so there’s time to build up anticipation, or alternatively get everyone into a frenzy with their own scratch card for instant gratification!

We Love:

National Lottery Scratchcard, £1 each for the chance to win £100,000


7 Kinder Surprise

There is no one alive who doesn’t love a Kinder Surprise egg! Who can resist that creamy white chocolate bonded to a milk chocolate shell and then the added fun of a surprise gift nestled inside. As far as we’re concerned this is a complete winner of an idea.

We Love:

Kinder Surprise Egg, £2 for a pack of 3


8 Spices

Add a little spice to everyone’s life by gifting jars of herbs or spices. Perfect gifts from a couple who love to cook, or those who love to travel as you can inject a little personality through the spices that you choose to gift.

We Love:

Tesco Own Branded Spice Range, from £0.85 a jar


We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration to source some fun but cost effective wedding favours for your guests. For more advice on all things wedding related, why not give our knowledgeable wedding planners a call today. And while you’re at it, you could arrange a private tour of our stunning country Manor house. Give us a call on 01242 245 071 or email [email protected] to find out more about Manor By The Lake.



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