Wedding Traditions – Why Wed on a Wednesday?

There are plenty of well-known traditions associated with weddings, but have you ever wondered where they come from, and if they should influence your own day?

Read on and we’ll reveal the truth behind these traditions.

Wedding Traditions – Name the day

There are plenty of practical reasons why couples choose to marry on a Saturday, but did you know that each day of the week has a specific meaning associated with it?

Monday for wealth

Tuesday for health

Wednesday for the best day of all

Thursday for losses

Friday for crosses

Saturday no luck at all

At Manor By The Lake we always encourage our couples to consider alternative day’s of the week to get married. Most venues will be booked up for at least a year or two in advance for the most popular Saturday dates, so why not heed the superstitions, and pick a Wednesday for your wedding?

And as for which month is the most fortuitous, the Romans believed that marrying in the month of June would mean your union would be blessed by Juno – the Queen of the Gods and protector of married life. We personally believe that there are positive reasons associated with every month of the year, whether you dream of a spring wedding, or winter wonderland nuptials.

Ringing the change

The giving and receiving of an engagement ring is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, betrothed couples signified their intention to marry by wearing a ring on the 4th finger. The belief is that a vein in this finger runs straight from the hand to the heart, a wonderfully romantic reason to seal the deal with a ring. The tradition exists to this day with most couples still choosing to celebrate their engagement with a ring.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, although coloured gemstones are experiencing something of a resurgence. Diamonds are loved due to their durability as they are the hardest precious stone and therefore make a sensible purchase as they are going to be worn every day. And of course, the genius marketing by De Beers stating, “A diamond is forever” hasn’t hurt their sales figures over the years!

Courting the cook

Did you know that the word ‘bride’ comes from the Teutonic word meaning ‘cook’? We’re not sure how relevant this is in today’s society – we’re thinking perhaps this could be considered a little sexist in our 21st-century world! This is one tradition we think can be left well alone unless of course, the bride-to-be just happens to be a chef, in which case, it’s a happy coincidence that this association exists!

Favoured favours

For hundreds of years, couples have followed the tradition of giving their guests a small gift as a memento of their wedding day. In high society weddings in the 17th century, it was common for guests to receive luxurious gifts of scarves, gloves and even jewellery. Later, it became popular to give 5 delicately coloured sugared almonds, with the 5 signifying health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life. Today, we find couples are much more creative with their choices of favours, handing out everything from homemade jam, to personalised playlists.

Whether you’re planning on sticking with tradition, or breaking free and doing things your own way, our expert wedding planners at Manor By The Lake can help guide and advise you on every detail. To arrange a private tour of our beautiful Manor, call Manor By The Lake on 01242 245 071 or email [email protected]


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