5 of the Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Got a special birthday on the horizon? Plan ahead for a post-pandemic party with a small-scale, yet stylish celebration with your nearest and dearest

 Move over kids, it’s time for the grown-ups to show you how to party in style. Up the fun factor whatever your age with these celebratory ideas…

Fun birthday parties with all the trimmings don’t have to end once you enter adulthood, in fact they should get even bigger and better the older you get. So, whether you’re approaching the big 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 or beyond, here are some fabulous and fun ways to make your way into your next decade.

 Post-coronavirus parties

of the Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas hen party 1

That huge marquee you were planning to erect in the garden and fill with 150 family and friends to celebrate your significant birthday might not be on the cards post-lockdown, but once the government gives us the go-ahead you can still throw a small-scale and memorable party *fingers crossed* with a bit of creative thinking. How about a Venetian masked ball if we have to wear masks at social gatherings? Or perhaps a socially-distanced garden party in the great outdoors? Whatever you choose these are the ingredients to achieve birthday party perfection…

  1. Pick a fabulous venue

of the Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas manor by the lake summer party 2

Leave the village halls to the kids, a big birthday deserves a venue to suit. Instead of hiring a party space for a few hours, think bigger and better and hire an entire house or venue where you can party for longer and that you and your guests can stay at when the dancing comes to end. The Manor By The Lake has 12 beautiful bedrooms, so you can really make a weekend of it with your nearest and dearest if you hire the charming country house. Plus, there are plenty of spaces inside and out to make your own, including 7 acres of stunning grounds.


  1. Have a theme

outside mini golf

Themes aren’t just for kids. Adult parties with themes can be great fun for everyone and add a real sense of it being a special birthday. If you’ve decided on hiring an exclusive-use party retreat like Manor By The Lake, how about hosting a murder mystery party? There aren’t many settings that lend themselves so perfectly to an Agatha Christie-style party than a stunning country house by a lake. Perhaps you’re more into your rock music than reading? The Manor By The Lake has its very own rock bar, so you can enjoy your favourite music and perhaps have your guests all dressed up as their favourite rock stars.  For summer lovers, how about a summer garden party? Think about what you love best and go to town on the theme.

  1. Serve gourmet food

live cooking fajitas

Leave the beige buffets and finger sandwiches to the kids. At an adult birthday party food should be a huge focus, especially if you’ve got free-flowing alcohol. You don’t have to go formal with a three-course sit down meal if that’s not the vibe you’re after. Think outside the box and embrace the many new and fashionable meal styles out there. The Manor By The Lake’s catering team can make pretty much any foodie fantasies come to life, whether that be sharing platters at long tables, street food stalls, live theatre cooking stations, a cultural fusion feast or an array of vegan treats.

  1. Play party games


No, we’re not talking sleeping lions or pass the parcel, but adults love to play games too. You could use the 7 acres of grounds at The Manor By The Lake to organise a fun scavenger hunt, plan a hilarious quiz or, if it’s a really big birthday, a guest could surprise the birthday boy or girl with a ‘This Is Your Life’ style presentation.

  1. Include all your favourite things

of the Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas Christmas party drinks 3

You only turn *insert special age* once, so don’t be shy about making a fuss and having a big bash full of all your favourite things. If you love music then invest in a fabulous band that you can dance the night away to. If you are a creative type, let yourself loose on all those pretty DIY projects you’ve always wanted to do. If you want an elegant affair, how about cocktail and canapé stations on the terrace under the stars?

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