How To Plan Your 2022 Wedding From Home

Can’t get out and about to visit venues and plan your 2022 wedding like you planned? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can keep your planning on track from the comfort of your own house.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you don’t have to be rushing around, clocking up miles visiting every venue, supplier, and shop that you come across or think might be useful for your big day. If you can’t get out and have to stay at home for whatever reason (we’re all trying to keep safe at the moment) that doesn’t mean planning for your 2022 wedding has to go on hold.

As long as you’ve got a computer and a phone, you’ve got the wedding world at your fingertips and can book and plan to your heart’s content. And, with all the spare time you’ll save from not travelling to each and every supplier and venue you like the look of, you’ll be able to thoroughly research, organise and even book some of the key elements of your big day.

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How To Book Your Wedding Venue From Home 

You don’t have to physically stand inside a wedding venue to fall in love with it these days. Technology is so advanced that you can virtually “walk” round many venues from the comfort of your own sofa, thanks to 360 virtual tour videos on websites, incredibly detailed images and floor plans and aerial views. It’s like taking a real tour but from inside your own 4 walls, how lush does that sound! Plus there’s Google Street View if you want to have a look at the approach to a venue to check it’s in as beautiful an area as it says it is!

360 Virtual Tours 

Many brides and grooms who plan destination weddings and can’t afford or have time to fly out to their chosen country, book their wedding venue in this way every year, so if you’re panicking about not being able to book a venue because you can’t physically visit it, just imagine you’re having a destination do and then everything will seem more normal. It’s already a process that happens on a regular basis, so you’re not being difficult if you’d prefer to view your venue virtually.

Manor By The Lake has plenty of online resources that’ll make you feel like you’ve really set foot in the glorious exclusive use venue before you book, with an incredible virtual tour that takes you around the entire manor and allows you to peek into all the characterful nooks and crannies, including the rock bar, ballroom and the suites! You’ll be surprised how much detail you can see in this tour and how real it feels once you’re “inside” the manor! Make an occasion of it with your fiancé or fiancée and sit down together with a glass of bubbles before going on the tour together.

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Video Calls With Wedding Venues

In some situations when it might not be possible to physically visit the venue itself or meet the venue staff, it doesn’t mean you can’t tick ‘book a venue’ off your to-do list. You’ll still be able to contact venue owners and any venue-based wedding planners by phone or video call, who can answer those questions you can’t find on the website. Make sure to ask them about any special 2022 wedding offers too, in case these haven’t been updated yet.

If you’ve fallen in love with a venue online, then it’s not just a case of booking your big day without any human contact, don’t worry! Wedding planners, venue staff and on-site caterers can come together to meet you in person via conference call platforms like Skype and Zoom, so you can have the personalised service and time to discuss your individual plans that you’d get if you were actually at the venue.

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Social Media For Wedding Planning

Don’t forget the power of social media too. Venues will have social platforms such as Instagram with lots more beautiful images and, most importantly, links to real weddings, which can give you ideas for how previous couples have made the most of the venue and put their own stamp on each reception space. If you’re struggling to get hold of a venue at their usual office number, then you can always contact them via social media too – never be afraid to reach out via alternative methods!

Virtual Stag and Hen Parties.

Thanks to the power of Zoom, the bride and groom don’t have to go without their respective parties. Over video chat, you can perform a range of great quizzes, do a virtual wine tasting or even set a series of challenges for the hen/stag to complete as you watch on from the comfort of your laptop! And lots of fun companies are catering to this style of event now that they how popular they are, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you’d rather do your stag/hen from home.

How To Book Your Wedding Suppliers From Home

Once you’ve sorted your venue, booking anything else from home will feel like a breeze. Finding suppliers like your florist, photographer, videographer, DJ or band and any decor elements can easily be done online and from home, as you’ll be able to see samples of their work on websites and social media.

You can get started on the legal side of things online or on the phone too – booking registrars, registering your marriage and talking to your church’s priest or vicar about the details of a religious ceremony.

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Searching For Your Wedding Dress

There are some elements of wedding planning that are harder than others to do from home though and the most obvious one is suit and dress shopping. If you can’t wait to get going on the search for your 2022 wedding dress, then use the time at home to do some serious research and get organised to hit those boutiques as soon as everything is back to normal.

Some brides have an uncanny ability to know exactly what style dress will suit them and if you’re in this minority then ordering a dress online might not be such a risk, but for most brides it really does pay to spend time and effort trying on a range of dress styles. However, most bridal boutiques can provide private fittings if you do feel iffy about going in for your fitting!

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From home however, you can make a list of the best wedding boutiques in your area or high street options, spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest putting together a collection of images of dresses you love, and also become well acquainted with the many different designers and high street brands. This will make finding your dream dress much easier once you’re actually in a shop. In short, now is the time to do your homework!

Online Wedding Planners

And to make the planning process even easier, there are a whole host of fantastic wedding planning apps and templates out there for you to use during the run-up to the big day to keep organised. Although many venues provide you with your own private wedding planner (which will make your life just that little bit easier), it’s always good to know what your options are!


On a positive note, with much more time at home, brides and grooms planning 2022 weddings are actually in the fortunate position of having plenty of opportunities to plan together and really devote themselves to creating the wedding of their dreams. So, don’t let anyone say planning a wedding from home isn’t possible!

With clever use of wedding virtual tours, conference call platforms and by picking up the phone, you can do everything from taking a tour of your venue to finding your dream wedding dress. Roll on 2022 weddings – CHEERS!


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