2024 Wedding Trends for Dry Hire Weddings

As the excitement of 2023 wedding planning comes closer to an end, a new era of wedding trends are on the horizon for 2024. As we soon venture into another new year, Manor by the Lake, your exclusive use wedding venue nestled in the heart of the Cotswold’s, are excited to witness a soaring popularity in the trend for dry hire or do-it-yourself weddings. Couples are seeking a more personalised and unique experience, and dry hire weddings offer the perfect canvas to paint your love story in your way.

Here at Manor by the Lake we offer the perfect Dry Hire Wedding Collection, giving you solid foundations to an unforgettable wedding day. Get in touch today to find out more.

But first, let’s explore the top wedding trends for 2024 that cater to those embracing the freedom and flexibility of dry hire weddings.

1. The Art of Personalisation

Origami wedding reception

2024 is all about embracing uniqueness and making your wedding day a true reflection of your personalities. Dry hire weddings provide the perfect blank canvas to let your creativity shine. Couples are opting for bespoke wedding decor, handcrafted centrepieces, and custom-made signage that speaks volumes about their love journey. Along with the DIY aspect of a wedding, there are so many opportunities to save on your wedding budget as well, which we know is music to your ears.

The true beauty of a dry hire wedding is the ability to customise everything, from your stationery and floral arrangements to your ceremony rituals and dining experiences, the floor is yours, so let your imagination run wild.

2. Bespoke Bevs

Signature cocktails at Manor By The Lake

A standout trend for 2024 is the move away from traditional bar setups. Couples are embracing the concept of bringing in professional cocktail mixologists or a chic prosecco van to add a touch of sophistication and convenience. Here at Manor by the Lake, along with our Rock Bar and Ballroom Bar we now have a Garden Bar which is the perfect addition for you to use on your big day!

Albeit a trend we have been seeing for some years, personalised couple cocktails and mocktails are a firm favourite and here to stay. So, pick your favourite tipple, add a twist to it and add this to your drink’s reception for another added personalised touch.

Also, with a dry hire wedding there are no corkage fees, so bring as much booze and soft drinks as you need! We have plenty of fridges for you to store it all.

3. Creative Catering

Live theatre cooking at Manor By The Lake

Food is an essential part of any celebration, and in 2024, we’re going to be seeing couples exploring innovative catering options (even more than they are now). Street food and food vans are becoming increasingly popular, adding an element of excitement and variety to the dining experience. These culinary delights serve up not only mouthwatering dishes but also create a lively and interactive atmosphere, leaving guests with fond memories of your special day and a great taste in their mouth.

A step further is live theatre cooking and create-your-own dessert stations including the likes of flambé tables or chocolate fondue fountains, furthering your guests experience and adding even more interaction throughout your wedding food journey.

Bring along anything you would like; this is the allure of dry hire!

4. Tipi's and Tents

Tipi wedding at manor by the lake

Embracing the charm of nature and adding a touch of festival flair, tipi weddings are taking centre stage in 2024. The picturesque gardens of Manor by the Lake serve as the perfect backdrop for these unique structures. Long banqueting tables set up in the gardens create a warm and intimate atmosphere, inviting guests to dine under the sun and stars, making memories that last a lifetime.

5. Cool & Calm Ceremonies

Outdoor ceremony at manor by the lake

Couples are opting for a more relaxed and unconventional wedding ceremony in 2024. Many choose to complete the legal formalities at their local registry office, freeing them to have a truly personalised and meaningful ceremony at Manor by the Lake. Guests may even act as celebrants, leading heartfelt exchanges of vows that break away from tradition. Walking down the aisle together, hand in hand, symbolises a partnership built on equality and mutual respect.

A new trend is the positioning of your registrar or celebrant. Soon gone are the days of your officiant photo bombing your ‘first kiss’ image, so why not ask for them to be stood in the aisle? This will then position you both looking out into your guests, creating a treasured moment and being able to see the faces of all your loved ones as you say your I-Do’s.

6. Unlimited Flexibility

Bride and groom at manor by the lake

One of the most significant advantages of a dry hire wedding is the unparalleled freedom and flexibility it offers. Your wedding, your way. At Manor by the Lake, we believe in providing couples with a blank canvas on which to create their dream celebration. With our stunning manor and grounds as your backdrop, and with full you have the power to curate every aspect of your wedding, ensuring a day that is as unique and special as your love story.

7. Cultural Fusion

Hindu ceremony at manor by the lake

Dry hire weddings also work remarkably well for couples celebrating their cultural heritage. Whether you’re incorporating traditional customs, rituals, or cuisines, the flexibility of a dry hire wedding allows you to infuse your cultural identity into every aspect of the celebration. Your guests will be captivated by the richness and diversity of your wedding celebrations.

8. Embracing Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Weddings

Floral wedding ceremony

In 2024, a growing number of couples are taking steps to create eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. With a growing awareness of environmental issues, it’s heartening to see couples choosing to celebrate their love in a way that minimises their impact on the planet. From the choice of decorations and materials to the sourcing of food and drinks, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a greener celebration.

Also gaining popularity by the day, vegan weddings celebrate love with ethical, eco-conscious choices. From a delicious plant-based menu to sustainable decor, every detail reflects a compassionate lifestyle. Ethical fashion, minimal waste, and eco-friendly favours add to the meaningful celebration, leaving a positive impact on the environment.

At Manor by the Lake, we fully support and embrace sustainable weddings. Our lush gardens provide the perfect setting for environmentally friendly ceremonies, and we offer to ability for couples to implement sustainable practices throughout their event. From using locally sourced produce for catering to reducing single-use plastics and offering recycling stations, making your special day as eco-friendly as possible.

As we all continue to plan 2024 weddings, we are seeing a growing trend for dry hire weddings in the wedding industry. They empower couples to craft an unforgettable wedding experience. From bespoke beverages and creative catering options to tipi weddings and relaxed ceremonies, each trend promises a day that is an authentic reflection of your love and style.

At Manor by the Lake, we take pride in being your perfect wedding venue for dry hire in the Cotswolds. Let us be a part of your love story and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Are you ready to embark on your unique wedding journey? Contact us today to begin planning your dry hire wedding at Manor by the Lake.

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