5 Great Reasons for an Intimate Wedding

Are you considering a wedding that is intimate, exquisite, and deeply personal? The Manor by the Lake Intimate Wedding offers you the chance to celebrate your special day in the splendid ambiance of one of the Cotswolds’ most prestigious venues. With its exclusive atmosphere, privacy, and affordability, the Intimate Wedding collection here at the manor is the perfect package for your petite wedding celebrations.

Let’s take a look at five incredible reasons why it is the perfect choice for couples who seek a truly memorable, meaningful and slightly mini celebration.

1. An Intimate Gathering for Cherished Moments

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The beauty of an Intimate Wedding lies in its name. By limiting the guest list to just 24 people, you can focus on sharing your joy with your closest family members and friends. The stress of managing an extensive guest list melts away, allowing you to have genuine interactions with those who matter most. Your ceremony and wedding breakfast become cherished moments, enriched by the presence of those who hold a special place in your heart.

2. A Luxurious Experience Without Breaking the Bank

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Smaller numbers often mean greater savings. An Intimate Wedding at Manor by the Lake provides you with the opportunity to indulge in the luxurious offerings of this remarkable venue without exceeding your budget. You have access to the entire Manor, its stunning gardens, grand rooms, and the West-wing Ballroom for the evening festivities. By saving on costs, you can invest in your dream honeymoon or allocate funds to kickstart your life together.

3. Unparalleled Relaxation and Quality Time

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Embrace the chance to truly connect with your loved ones. An Intimate Wedding allows you the luxury of time – time to share heartfelt conversations with family members and to rekindle relationships with friends who’ve journeyed from afar. Unlike larger weddings that often become hectic, your day will be one of leisure and enjoyment. The attentive staff at Manor by the Lake will be at your service, ensuring your every need is met.

4. Tailored Flexibility for Your Vision

Wedding ceremony at Manor By The Lake

With a smaller guest list, you gain the advantage of designing your wedding exactly as you envision it. Choose from the Manor’s enchanting rooms for your ceremony – whether it’s the ornate Arches, the Lakeside Pavilion with its scenic backdrop, or another splendid space. The flexibility extends to room layouts, allowing you to create an ambiance that perfectly suits your style. The celebration continues into the evening, with options ranging from the Rock Bar to the elegant West-wing Ballroom.

5. A Captivating Overnight Experience

Honeymoon suite at Manor By The Lake

Conclude your day surrounded by the enchantment of Manor by the Lake. Retire to the Library or Rock Bar for late-night toasts before retiring to one of the 12 distinct bedrooms and suites the Manor offers. Wake up to breathtaking views of the gardens and enjoy a delightful Full Cotswold English Breakfast. This unique experience marks the beginning of your journey as a newlywed couple, leaving you with lasting memories.

Make Your Dream Intimate Wedding a Reality

Elevate your wedding experience with a Intimate Wedding at Manor by the Lake. For a personal tour and to explore special offers, contact us at 01242 245 071 or email [email protected].


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