Multicultural weddings

Mark your union

Families in the UK are slowly becoming more and more blended. Millennial couples are now more than twice as likely to be in a mixed race relationship.

It’s now time to mark this union by fusing your two families, and their cultures.

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“The beauty of a multicultural wedding is when your respective cultures are woven into the fabric of a wedding from the dress, the rituals, the vows, the decoration, the favours, the entertainment and the rest,”

A feast for the senses

Fabulous fusion feasts, spectacular live cooking stations, and creative canapes. They are so many ways to bring all the wonderful flavours of your culture to your wedding.  The food is one of the best parts of a multicultural wedding. Not only is it an opportunity to celebrate your cultural roots, but it’s an opportunity to make all sides of the family feel included.

Our award-winning chefs will help you to create the perfect menu for your special day.



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