Summer Lovin'

An unforgettable summer

Summer is the season of choice for weddings, and for good reason! With longer days, radiant sunshine, and nature in full bloom, Manor by the Lake offers the perfect setting for your summer wedding. Set in the beautiful Cotswold’s and surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens, natural beauty appears at every turn. From the elegant Italian pavilion for your outdoor ceremony to the tranquil lake, The manor has it all.  Exclusively for you, the ultimate Summer wedding could be just around the corner…


Intimate Summer Weddings
Summer Wedding Inspo
Sarah & Arri's Real Wedding
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Happy Ever After

One of the main benefits to getting married in Summer is that the days are longer, allowing you to extend your celebrations throughout the day and well into the night! This allows you to have flexibility in your planning and also more time later in the evening for some stunning photo opportunities with a glorious sunset as the backdrop.


Bank Holiday Wedding Date Available - Sunday 25th August 2024!

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