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‘Tis the season – Christmas Parties at Manor by the Lake

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Last night at Manor By The Lake, we were certainly getting excited about the Christmas season!

We held a Christmas party preview for over 30 companies in Gloucestershire such as UCAS, Cobalt Charity, SCI-MX and Alex Clark.

Our Ballroom was set up with a New York Christmas theme full of lights and trees giving the feel of Central Park in Winter, there was Christmas music playing with selected seasonal canapés and drinks, giving guests just a glimpse into how Manor By The Lake do Christmas with a sparkle!

Norbert, our head chef, liaised and spoke with guests regarding the food options and choice of menus. There is a choice of 4 incredible starters, mains and dessert options for your staff to choice from, as well as different drink options.

Companies can also either exclusively hire the venue or share it with other companies. Plus, guests got Christmas gingerbread men to take home for the family!

Here at Manor By The Lake, we don’t do the ordinary Christmas party with a roast and glass of prosecco. We really make it an event to remember and love to exceed our customers’ expectations and celebrate in style!

Interested in spoiling your staff and holding your Christmas party at Manor By The Lake? Call us now and see how we can make your Christmas party spectacular!

No need to break the bank, just shift the day!

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Knowing your Miu Miu pumps from your JIMMY CHOOs can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to your wedding. Any bride will tell you that personal style is of paramount importance, and you’ll want to reflect your individuality in everything from your dress to your venue. However, it often comes with a price tag that would make even Kim Kardashian’s eyes water. From vintage chic to the couture-ready bride, it all comes at a price; so what’s the modern bride to do? The best kept secret amongst the most sophisticated brides these days? Midweek weddings. Everyone from Fearne Cotton to beautiful you could reap the benefits of changing the date from a Saturday to a Wednesday.

So, you have sourced The Dress – thank goodness for sample sales and eagle eyed bridesmaids. The shoes? You limited yourself to two pairs; a show stopping pair and a more sensible flat pair for all the dancing you are going to be doing. You’ve even convinced your gorgeous groom to go with the Hugo Boss made to measure suit. And so you turn your attention to the perfect wedding venue only to be disappointed by the gigantic price tag attached to that fairy tale castle. Or worse, the day you have your heart set on is already booked up. Did you know that some of the most sought after wedding venues have bookings up to two or even three years in advance?

It’s quite the dilemma for the modern day bride, with so much inspiration at our fingertips. The internet (how many Pinterest boards does your big day have? Including the secret ones!), magazines, and even plotting your big day with your close girl friends and family members mean inspiration can strike a bride at anytime and place. Having a champagne wedding on a lemonade budget is no easy feat.

Here in the Cotswolds we are spoilt for choice when it comes to top end suppliers. Photographers, such as Dan Morris and Rob Tarren; quality chefs; and venues like the beautiful Manor by the Lake, the options can seem overwhelming. How can you fit your dreams into your budget? Don’t despair! Savvy brides are thinking outside the box and have turned tradition on its head by opting for a midweek option. Suddenly that perfect Victorian manor house is available and the romantic, stylish wedding you had planned is attainable.

Did you know that having your wedding on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday could make your big day as much as 30% cheaper! By opting for a midweek wedding you are also in with a much better chance of grabbing your favourite photographer, that caterer with the six month waiting list, and the fully booked up band. Yes, it’s not the traditional Saturday afternoon in July but that’s what makes your big day unique. You will be surprised at how many family and friends attend a midweek wedding.

And it doesn’t stop there. Opting for a midweek, out of season wedding not only saves you money it gives you a chance to really create a day that reflects both bride and groom. By choosing a date out of the traditional wedding season, quality suppliers are more likely to strike a deal with everything from the flowers to the wedding cars.

Suddenly giving your wedding day the wow factor is not the problem. Trying to fit all your ideas into one big event is going to be the issue. Why not give our friendly wedding planners here at Manor by the Lake a call and let them help you keep all those ideas in check and plan the wedding you didn’t think you could afford.

Last minute love stories…

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So let’s be honest, we weren’t really interested in the cabinet reshuffle that’s just taken place. The only news that’s grabbed our attention this week is the announcement that the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole has only gone and got married in secret.

Now, we’re romantics at heart and so we’re going to overlook the fact that she only met her new hubby a mere three months ago. When you know, you know.

According to numerous reports, Ms Cole is now Mrs Fernandez-Versini after whisking a very select bunch of family and friends off to the Caribbean island of Mustique for a private ceremony last week.

So what’s the rush to get hitched and is a last minute wedding something you’d consider?

There’s a very romantic notion that says “why wait?” when you’ve met your life partner, but let’s remember, a last minute wedding isn’t always the impulsive result of a whirlwind romance.

Some couples have been together years, have an established home, maybe children, and haven’t previously seen the need to tie the knot. When they do decide to get married, there’s no desire to wait for 12 or 18 months to ensure every detail is perfect, it’s more about making a commitment to one another, and doing it as soon as possible.

Maybe you’re getting married for the second time and feel you’ve already done the traditional big build up to a wedding, and don’t want to spend the next year or so planning and saving for a one day event.

Last minute deal = a shrewd financial choice

On a purely practical level, if you are flexible on dates and are ready to get married in the next few months, a last minute wedding is often an excellent opportunity to secure the venue and services of your dreams, at a much more affordable rate.

It stands to reason that with many venues booking up to 3 years in advance, and florists, photographers and bands equally in demand, it can be costly to secure high-end suppliers who are able to sell their services many times over.

As with any booked event, events out of our control mean cancellations do happen, and less popular days of the week will normally be a more financially viable option.

And remember, just because you’re planning a last minute event, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on any of the details that are important to you. Your secured venue will be able to offer you the same accommodation, same catering and same location regardless of which date your wedding takes place on. Your photographs won’t look any different on a Wednesday in 9 weeks time, than on a Saturday in 20 months!

Now, we’ve got to be honest and admit that we don’t think Cheryl chose a last minute option because she’s strapped for cash. Did you see the size of the ring? So, the gossip mill has gone into overdrive suggesting she’s either a) pregnant or b) hoping her new single due for release in a week may find it easier to chart!

Either way, we wish the new Mr and Mrs Fernandez-Versini a long and happy marriage, and if they’d like to book a party to celebrate their nuptials for all those unlucky souls who weren’t flown first class to the Caribbean, we know a stunning venue in the Cotswolds that would fit the bill nicely!

For the rest of us normal folk, if the thought of waiting a couple of years to make it official doesn’t appeal, then give one of our lovely wedding planners a call and see which dates are currently available for one of Manor by the Lake’s incredible value last minute wedding packages.