The Engagement Photoshoot – A Rising Trend

Have you recently got engaged and started to discuss wedding photographers? Our experienced wedding planners at Manor By The Lake share their thoughts on the rising popularity of the engagement photoshoot.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision – your photographs will be your lasting memory of your big day long after the cake has been cut and the champagne drunk. It’s also a significant investment, so you need to feel completely comfortable in your choice of photographer. One trend gathering pace to alleviate your fears is the engagement photoshoot.

Some would argue this is just another way for photographers to extract more money from couples but at Manor By The Lake, we believe that far from being a costly extra, a pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot is an excellent idea. Few people are truly relaxed in front of a camera, particularly when there are others watching, so having a shoot before the big day is a great opportunity to practice, and hopefully relax and maybe even enjoy the experience…

If it’s the first time you’ve met with your photographer face to face, it’s a chance to discuss your preferred style that suits you and your partner, and you can talk through any concerns you may have for the big day itself. It gives you the opportunity to try different poses and options, taking on board your photographer’s advice. You’ll almost certainly have fewer time constraints at a pre-wedding shoot, so embrace the freedom of time and use it to create images you’re completely happy with.

As well as providing a lovely memento of your engagement, you could consider using the photos for save the date cards, or maybe even your invitations. Framed photos from your shoot also make a gorgeous gift for family members and will be treasured by everyone.

Many couples choose to have their engagement shoot at their wedding venue, or the place where they got engaged. We encourage all our couples to come to Manor By The Lake to capture special images as we are lucky to be blessed with stunning gardens, as well as the gorgeous interiors of our Manor House.

If you’re holding a winter wedding, booking a engagement photoshoot at the same venue but in the summer months will give you a completely different set of images, allowing you to take advantage of differing light and weather conditions, as well as the contrast between the outdoor landscapes of different seasons.

If you’re considering an engagement photoshoot, we have the contact details many excellent photographers who we would gladly recommend. Why not give us a call on 01242 245 071 and find out more about booking your shoot at Manor By The Lake.

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