Celebrate a Milestone Birthday in Style!

You’re nearing a milestone birthday and the pressure is on. How should you celebrate in style, with an event that you and your friends will never forget? At Manor By The Lake, our talented party planners have rounded up their favourite milestone birthday party ideas.

A milestone birthday for you, or for a loved one?

If you’re planning a milestone birthday party for your other half, always think about what they would like to do on their special occasion, even if it’s you that’s in charge of the planning. Some people could think of nothing worse than a surprise party being sprung on them, so if this is the case, even if it seems like a great way to celebrate, put your loved one first. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Accept the inevitable

If you’re celebrating a 40th or 50th (60th or 70th!), the chances are all the people you’re going to invite will know how old you are so there’s no point being coy about your age now! Embrace your age and work it into the theme for the night. Ask people to come in fancy dress with your birth year as the theme – the 60s and 70s provide fabulous inspiration for some great outfits!


With your age as a starting point, why not ask each guest to nominate a song from the year of your birth and use these as the beginnings of your party playlist for the night. Whether you’re supplying the music yourself, or employing a DJ to do the honours, this is a great way to get people involved in the planning, and looking forward to hearing their choice on the night.

If you’re organising a multi-generational milestone birthday party, why not ask the youngest guests to nominate their favourite track from this year so that they too feel involved, and there’s a better chance of getting them onto the dance floor.

To really get into the swing of the era, you could try and track down a tribute act to perform live – we’ve seen some great Jacksons, Rolling Stones and Beatles acts over the years and the iconic chart-topping hits are popular with young and old alike.


As well as music, maybe consider booking some additional entertainment. Magicians, illusionist  and comedians will often have different acts suited to different age groups so you can have one session for children, and then a second act that’s aimed at the adults.

If you fancy a more sophisticated affair, why not host your own casino night and give everyone fake money to gamble with? Produce your own bank notes with the birthday girl or boy featured, and hire roulette and black jack tables and we can always supply you with gambling chips if you’re stuck. It’s a great excuse for a black tie dress code, and of course, it goes without saying that cocktails should be featuring heavily in your celebrations.

Milestone Birthday Food

There are literally thousands of options for party food so our advice would be to go with a crowd-pleasing option. If you’d rather have relaxed finger food, and let everyone mingle as they eat, we have a great number of exciting options to choose from. Likewise, if this is a great excuse to dress up and enjoy a fine dining experience with silver service, then go on and treat yourself. This is your moment to mark the occasion exactly as you wish.

Whatever the occasion, if you need more milestone birthday ideas, then we’d love to help suggest some memorable options for marking a magical birthday.

For expert advice and guidance on planning a decadent party to celebrate a big birthday, call Tina on 01242 245 071 or email [email protected].


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