The Work Christmas Party – Survival

It’s that time of year again… time for the annual Christmas Party and all the accompanying shenanigans.

We totally understand the need to let your hair down and embrace the festivities, but trust us, there are some key Do’s and Don’ts that need to be observed.

Here are Manor By The Lake’s top tips for surviving your Christmas Party.

The Free Bar

All the best parties involve a free bar so try and remember your limits. There’s a fine line between drink-related festive fun and Christmas carnage!

DO try and stick to one type of tipple as far as possible. Starting the night with a few pints, drinking wine with the meal, and then indulging in Jägerbombs and tequila shots can only end one way… badly! White drinks are your best bet if you want to avoid the mother of all hangovers, so stick to white wine, fizz, gin or vodka (and not all at the same time!)

DON’T walk around with a drink in each hand just because it’s free. We realise it’s tempting, but it’s not going to leave anyone with the best lasting impression of you.

The Dress Code

If there’s no specific dress code mentioned on the invitation, ask around to find out what your colleagues are wearing. A comedy Christmas jumper might seem like fun, but may not be quite so funny if everyone else has turned up in a suit.

DO remember you have to work with these people for the rest of the year so try and retain an air of professionalism. Make sure everything is covered. Flashing the flesh in a revealing outfit isn’t the best idea (and that goes for the men too!) and whatever you do, keep those clothes on.

DON’T wear anything rude or offensive and definitely, don’t wear mistletoe. You’re asking for unwanted attention and if it’s you giving the unwanted attention, you could also be looking at disciplinary action in the new year. Not the greatest way to start 2017. And guys, if it’s an evening dinner, don’t feel a t-shirt will do. It may look cool through the day but you’ll feel extremely under-dressed at the table.

The Boss

Strike the right balance and you’ll end up looking like a model employee so be smart, not smarmy and try to make a good impression.

DO make a point of thanking your boss for throwing the party. Good manners will get you a long way in life and don’t cost a thing.

DON’T take the opportunity to throw in your top tips for how the office could be run better whilst under the influence of one too many Christmas tipples! However helpful you think you’re being, the Christmas party isn’t the time or the place to stake your claim on your manger’s job.

The Food

A well-organised party will have plenty of food for everyone, all served in a timely manner, but be sure to be prepared just in case the best-laid plans go AWOL.

DO eat something before you leave the house. Regardless of whether you’re expecting a sit-down meal or a more informal buffet, you don’t know what the timings are, and with free drinks in plentiful supply, it’s a good idea to not start the night on an empty stomach.

DON’T kerb-crawl the buffet table. Resist the temptation to fill your plate, choose a polite but ample serving and step away from the food. You can always go back for seconds but hovering like a bird of prey over its next victim never makes a good impression.

With any luck, your canny employer has already booked your Christmas party at magical Manor By The Lake, but if you know they’re still searching for the perfect venue, why not give them a nudge and point them in our direction. Our fabulous festive party nights are a great way to party in style.

Call us on 01242 245 071 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to talk through availability with you.


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