Blessings of prosperity

Chinese weddings are lavish, lively and bursting at the seems with colour. This traditional celebrating is marked with rituals centrally focused on blessings of prosperity, happiness and abundance for the couple.

Many couples will visit a fortune teller to find the date of their wedding, usually also involving the bride’s Chinese zodiac and birthday as an age old tradition.

With our many quaint and also grand spaces here at Manor by the Lake, there are rooms fit for every moment of your wedding day. From your intimate tea ceremony in our Adele room to your reception in our grand Ballroom. Come and see for yourself and book a private tour of the manor estate – we can’t wait to show you around!

Pre-wedding Rituals

The An Chuang, taking place on a promising day, in which a bed is made and decorated with red and a mix of dried fruits and lonagns. This symbolises a sweet, long-lasting marriage with well wishes of fertility.

The night before the wedding the Hair Combing Ceremony commences where with each stroke of the comb a new blessing is recited.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The wedding is adorned with all things red and gold to signify love, success, honor and wealth.

The Tea Ceremony is an intimate affair with only the closest of the couples family in attendance, where tea is made and passed around. This takes place after the civil ceremony.

The Cuisine

The wedding banquet is usually a lavish multi-course feast including things such as fish (for abundance) and a suckling pig (symbolising the bride’s purity).

With the banquet being of traditional dishes, this is the families way to demonstrate generosity and prosperity.

Love & Honour

If you are looking for the perfect venue to host your traditional Chinese wedding, then look no further. Here at Manor by the Lake we love nothing more than colourful and rich in tradition wedding celebrations. Our experienced weddings team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your special day is as full of happiness and abundance!

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