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Are you dreaming of a wedding nothing short of magical and rich in your religion? Manor by the Lake is the perfect, diverse, venue for you!

We love weddings, every kind, everyday, that’s why here at Manor by the Lake we pride ourselves on our huge diversity of culture and welcoming of all religious weddings. From Hindu and Islamic to Iranian and Jewish, and every other world-wide religion, you can rest knowing you are in safe hands, our team are experts throughout all aspects.

Hindu Weddings

Uniting two souls, mentally, spiritually and physically. To signify the soul of the ceremony, fire is kept as a witness, and offerings are made.

All the rituals and ceremonies mark the couples bond, lasting for seven lifetimes.

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Islamic Weddings

Nikah is a sacred contract between both the bride and groom, signifying their love and commitment. An important prophetic tradition, Nikah is one half of a Muslims faith and is monumental in their religious journey.

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Jewish Weddings

A traditional Jewish wedding takes place underneath a Chuppa (canopy) – this symbolizes God’s protection on the couple and the building of their new home together.

Jewish law encourage guests to celebrate and uplift the newlyweds with all the joy they could possibly spread.

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Church Wedding?

If you are opting for a traditional Church wedding, then why not host everything else here at Manor by the Lake? From the morning of, preparing for your special day, to your reception and celebrations after your Church ceremony.

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Sikh Weddings

A Sikh marriage ceremony is known as a ‘Anand Karaj’ which means ‘Blissful Union’ a truly joyous occasion.

Pre and post celebrations can span over several days and involve rituals such as Kurmai, Shagan, Gaana and Doli, just to name a few.

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Chinese Weddings

Traditional and full of colour, Chinese weddings focus on happiness and abundance for the couple along with blessings of prosperity.

Visiting a fortune teller (Chinese monk) to determine a wedding date is also a charming tradition.

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Persian Weddings

Iranian and Persian weddings invite all acquaintances to the ceremony, lavish in their guest list, the weddings are a huge celebration of love.

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Come on in, take a peek around and enjoy the scenery, get a feel for the place and see if we are the one for your wedding day. Take a look at the beautiful architecture, history steeped walls and check out our trusted  team. If you need anything answered, give us a call or drop us a message on our web chat. Don’t be shy we are here to help!

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