Uniting souls

Hindu weddings are spectacular in every way, bursting at the seams with culture, colour and tradition. With celebrations lasting over a span of days, we love hosting such joyous occasions!

Did you know in India it is considered as bad luck for the Bride and Groom to see each other for several days before the wedding? As part of the ceremony, sometimes the bride’s parents will wash the couple’s feet in milk and water as a symbol of purifying them for the journey of their new life together.

From an intimate wedding of around 100 guests to a invitation list as big as we can fit, Manor by the Lake is a perfect venue to hold your Hindu wedding. From grand celebrations in our ballroom, to lavish marquees on the grounds, we will ensure your wedding is perfect in every way.

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Pre-wedding Ceremonies

From a Mayara – where the maternal uncles of both the couple shower the families with gifts and treats to offer well wishes, prior to their wedding. To a Sangeet – which is a mini reception where both families come together to meet, dance, sing and most importantly feast!

Outside our manor, up the Yew Tree Walk, on the day of the wedding the groom will arrive in a procession, drums, singing, dancing – the Baraat and parading with his family to meet his bride’s parents at the Mandap. 

The Ceremony

Beginning with prayer to Lord Ganesha, God of beginnings and good fortune, to remove all obstacles and blesses the couple, the ceremony then starts.

The ceremony of a Hindu wedding has an array of rituals, like Jai Mala (exchanging of floral garlands) Talambralu (showerings of rice, saffron and pearls) Granthibandan (the couples tie the knot, between the grooms scarf and the brides shawl) and Kansar (symbolising their union the couple share a sweet)

Circled around a sacred fire several times, the steps they take represent different prayers – such as family, strengths, prosperity and health, this is a Havan.

Your Mandap can be situated in many spaces throughtout the manor, you will be spoilt for choice!

The Reception

Indulge in your senses and be taken on a culinary journey here at Manor by the Lake, our expert chefs can cater to your every need. Craft your own menu with us or bring in your own caterers, the choice is yours.

And then a party like no other, a grand and celebratory evening for the bride and groom. Full with more food, dancing and entertainment for everyone to enjoy!

Love destined to be

If you would like to find out more about our expertise in Hindu weddings or to book a tour to see our wonderful manor, contact us today to start your journey. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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