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Islamic weddings or in other terms, a Nikah ceremony is a contract of marriage, signifying a couples declaration of love. Among the rituals, ceremony and celebrations that all come with an Islamic wedding, at the heart of it all is the love of 2 people and the love from their families. Explosions of colour, plush with culture and a truly wonderful occasion.

Considered half of ones belief and religion, the Nikah of upmost importance. We understand wholeheartedly and that’s why here at Manor by the Lake your wedding will be nothing short of magical.

Our team are experienced in all things Nikah and everything that comes with Islamic wedding celebrations so wait no longer and start your journey with us today.

Pre-wedding Rituals

After Salatul Ishrikara, where you have asked for Allah’s blessing and your wedding have been announced, this is where your pre-wedding rituals begin.

From the Iman Zamin and Mangi to your Mehndi and Sanchaq – where your families have been adorned with gifts of sweets and jewellery, all of these events prepare you for your wedding ceremony.

The Ceremony

The Baraat procession welcomes the groom to the Nikah ceremony, a loud and colour parade to declare the beginning of the wedding.

Families meet and the bride and groom are separated and repeat ‘Gubool’ three times to accept the contract of marriage. The Mahr is an obligatory gift from the groom to his bride, this is more often than not a lump sum of money or a gold item, the bride will receive this after the ceremony.

The Shaadi will take place on the same day, a celebration thrown by the bride’s family and signifies the couple are married.

After the Nikah

Post-wedding rituals will then take place, these involves like the Rukhsati,  Chauthi and Joota Chupaai.

Concluding the wedding celebrations, the grooms family will host a Walima, a feast fit for royalty where everyone will come together to indulge and congratulate the newlyweds.

Exclusively yours

Why not host the entirety of your wedding celebrations here at our manor, exclusively yours for the whole duration.

Manor by the Lake is the perfect venue, with grand and opulent indoor spaces to enchanting gardens, come and see it for yourself’s and book a private tour.

Feast your eyes

Have glorious culture rich cuisine at the heart of your special day. Think biryani, fish fry & live theatre cooking! Our chefs love nothing more than crafting personal menus with you and putting out a rich feast for your wedding celebrations.

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