Mazel Tov!

Jewish weddings bring together many wonderful traditions, each one symbolising the beauty of the couple’s relationship, as well as their obligations to each other and the Jewish people.

We know at your Jewish wedding the celebration of the couples love as well as the fun and celebration of all, is of upmost importance, that’s why here at Manor by the Lake we love nothing more than hosting Jewish weddings!

We have three breathtaking outdoor ceremony spaces perfect for your Chuppah, and inside our Manor you will find spaces aplenty for your wedding festivities.


Pre-wedding Rituals

The celebration of the couple starts with them separated in two adjacent rooms as their close family friends surround them with good blessings and cheer.

There are two vital rituals that take place before the ceremony. The first is the signing of the Ketubah, an ancient document and a marriage contract. The second is called the Badeken, A short but meaningful ritual where the groom covers the bride’s face with her veil, relating to the biblical moment of Jacob’s first marriage and the deceit in the bride he was intended to marry.

The Ceremony

Taking place under a Chuppah (canopy) this signifies a sheltering and privacy of the couples home they are building together and also God’s protection.

The marriage ceremony consists of two separate parts, Erusin or Kiddushin and Nissuin. Originally, these two ceremonies were divided by a time period of months, but today they are combined into one.

And then a glass is broke, mazel tov!

The Celebration

Seudat Mitzvah, the feast and celebration of the wedding. Jewish law commands guests to celebrate, have fun and lift the spirits of the new couple, and what better way than with food, drinks and dancing. Expect Latkes, Tzimmes, Holishkes and Bread Dessert to inject all the traditional Jewish cuisine into your big day.

Hora around in our beautiful ballroom and have party like no other!

To start your journey here at our exclusive-use Manor – call one of our wedding experts on 01242 245 071 or email us today.

Exclusively Yours

Our Manor is yours for the duration of your wedding celebrations. With 12 beautifully designed bedrooms for you and your guests to slumber after the wedding day of your dreams!

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