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Persian weddings invite all acquaintances to the big day, lavish in their guest list, the Aroosi’s are a huge celebration of love. No expenses are spared, feasts fit for royalty and partying takes place, celebrating loudly with pure glory.

With marriage being one of the most important events for Persian and Iranian families, we know how much preparation and care that needs to go into your wedding day.

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Tagagh Baroon takes place before the wedding day, a party in which the bride’s parents gift the couple with items of use, such as home ware and utilities to help their new home.

Incense in burned to warn away unwelcome energy, down the aisle and around the bride, symbolising no further harm for worries.

The Ceremony

A Chuppah is the canopy in which the Sofreh Aghd takes place, this can be adorned with flowers and decoration.

After the couple have consented in their marriage to one another, they dip their pinky fingers into a bowl of honey, it is to symbolise that they will feed eachother sweetness and happiness as they begin their lives together.

The party

A knife dance is to be had, earning the knife to cut their cake – this is the Raghseh Chaghoo.

Not only eleaborate in their guest list, Persian weddings are eleborate with food. Feasts of Gottab, Masghati, Ghormeh Sabiz and Smoked Fish Stew will be among the never ending array of dishes.

Our Manor House

Adorned with period features and oozing opulence, Manor by the Lake is the perfect wedding venue. With indoor and outdoor ceremonies spaces, along with our stunning ballroom and 12 beautifully design bedrooms, you sure will be spoilt for choice!

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