Blissful union

It is believed that the fastest way to a full and peaceful life is through giving and receiving love, and what better way to do that than to get married!

In Sikh culture weddings are extravagant, colourful, blissful unions of love. The Anand Karaj captivates in all its magic with vibrant songs, dancing and prayers.

Here at Manor by the Lake we lend our stunning Victorian manor house to you for the entirety of your wedding celebrations, all, exclusively yours. Come and discover the secret of our enchanting estate and book a private tour today.

Pre-wedding Rituals

With 10+ pre wedding rituals that take place prior the the wedding day, this just signifies the tradition and rich culture that adorns a Sikh wedding.

From the Kurmai, Shagan, Maiya and Mehndi to the Sehra Bandi and everything in between these colourful rituals sound the start of the wedding day.

The Wedding Day

Although Sikh ceremonies tend to take place in a Gurdwara, here at Manor by the Lake we have spaces aplenty for you to host your ceremony if you wish.

The Baraat welcomes the groom to the ceremony, the Milni is the bride’s families welcome to the groom and then the Anand Karaj starts, with many more rituals to follow.

The Celebration

The Sikh culture holds both family ties and marriage in high regard, a wedding brings all of those things together with singing, dancing and celebration.

Our award winning chefs are very well versed in all the finest food and desserts at a Sikh wedding, with the opportunity for you craft your very own menus.

Devine Love

Our award-winning team are highly experienced and would love to chat about making your wedding truly magical at our Manor.

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