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Top Tips for Selecting your Spring Wedding Flowers

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Just as the type of wedding venue sets the foundation for the theme of your day, the flower arrangements can set the tone and vibe of the atmosphere. From Kate Middleton’s simple lily of the valley bouquet to Princess Diana’s iconic cascading bloom, your floral arrangements can also double as beautiful symbolism for the bride and groom.

Get some inspirational tips on wedding flower power this spring wedding season and find out what the most popular blooms of the season are.


Finding the right florist who understands your style will you help narrow down the lengthy list of floral species. We all want everything to be just right for our wedding day and we often don’t realise just how much planning goes into it. Flowers are one element that we all usually underestimate.

You may have a very specific vision in your head about what you want your flower arrangement to look like or you may not have any idea where to start, whatever your status may be, a professional florist can be invaluable to bringing your dream bouquet to life.


When on the search for a florist, there are a few key important notes to have in mind. You want someone who understands your vision and style so they will be able to narrow down the long list of flower species to a manageable selection.

Before having your heart set on a specific bouquet such as Summer Freesias, make sure your desired bud is in season during the month of your wedding. It can be a very frustrating complication when you have everything planned around a lavender colour scheme and then realising the flowers you had your heart set on aren’t in season.

Symbolism also plays a part in flower arrangements. In Royal wedding tradition, a sprig of myrtle, grown from the original bush used by Queen Victoria on her wedding day, is included in every royal brides’ arrangement as a symbol of good luck in love and marriage.

All royal brides from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton have followed this charming custom. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for simple yet tasteful lily of the valleys. Many were curious as to her small and subtle choice, however, delving deeper we see that the bouquet was a beautiful metaphor for her marriage to the prince. With the Lillie’s representing trustworthiness, Sweet Williams symbolising gallantry (also a sweet gesture to her husband’s name) and Hyacinths, representing a playful and sporty nature – traits they both share.

With the royal wedding set in the budding season of May, Ms. Markle and Prince Harry will have plenty of options to choose from with some of the most colourful, blousy and romantic flowers in bloom. Some popular bouquet arrangements of the season include peonies, garden roses, snapdragons, freesias, and delphiniums.


Our own in-house Creative Designer based at Manor By The Lake can create beautiful wedding flowers and our expert wedding coordinators will be happy to discuss your plans and help brainstorm ideas for your spring wedding!

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Flowers: Caroline Clements Flowers & Manor By The Lake, Creative Design Service

Photography: Courtney Louise Photography

Top 5 Perks of a Winter Honeymoon

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A winter wedding is truly a dreamy affair. With seasonal bouquets, indulgent cocktails and warm colour schemes, your wedding day is sure to be as magical as you imagined. After months of stressful wedding planning and nerves, next up is the much-anticipated honeymoon!

While traditional couples opt for a post-wedding getaway with sprawling beaches and palm trees, there are quite a few benefits to switching sand for snow. Check out our top 5 perks below.

Budget friendly

Summer is one of the most expensive months to travel with resorts and hotels packed with couples and beaches filled to the brim with families. Prices are significantly less during the winter months due to lower demand and can be more than 50% cheaper than honeymooning in prime holiday time. After tying the knot, it’s likely you spent a big sum of money on your big day, so it’s always a benefit to save on the honeymoon. During the winter season, many destinations have special packages and deals on offer to entice customers so this is the perfect time to take advantage!


Some may argue that a winter honeymoon is just as romantic, or even more so, than a tropical summer vacation. Picture you and your other half snuggled up by a roaring fireplace or enjoying a week spent wrapped up strolling city streets with a hot cup of cocoa in hand. A snowy destination offers plenty of romantic opportunities, whether you’re touring a new city in a horse and carriage or enjoying long walks on freshly fallen snow, it’s sure to make for an unforgettable getaway.

Winter Sports

Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or even mountain climbing, if you and your partner are thrill seekers then a winter honeymoon is definitely for you. Why not put your stamina to the test by climbing one of the great monumental mountains together? It’s something you can check off your bucket list and will be a romantic and memorable story to tell for years to come. A number of other fun and fulfilling activities include ice skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing and sleighing. If this sounds a little intensive then why not try building an igloo together or perhaps getting silly in the snow by building a snowman. You could even enjoy a little friendly competition with a snowball fight!

Stunning Destination Options

From the Northern Lights to the Blue Lagoon, the options are endless when it comes to winter honeymoon options. Iceland’s beautiful vast landscape, canyons, and glaciers are not to be missed. Hire a 4×4 in Reykjavik and go exploring to see Iceland’s 800 miles of Route 1. There’s nothing better than escaping the cold in the beauty of a cosy hot spring. Visit Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains or travel to the Banff Upper Hot Springs in Alberta, Canada, and capture a glimpse of some of North America’s most awe-inspiring peaks.

Image: Chris Lambert

Escape with a Spa break

Can you think of any better way to spend your honeymoon than with a luxurious couple’s massage on a tranquil spa retreat? It’s the perfect way to melt away the stresses of wedding planning and a great way to begin your new life together as a couple. Plan a weekend getaway of rejuvenation and relaxation in one of the many spa resorts in Europe. It’s also a great aphrodisiac for you and your other half!

Get in touch with our expert wedding coordinators here at Manor by the Lake, we’ll be happy discuss your plans and help brainstorm ideas for your winter wedding! Give us a call on 01242 245071 or email

Fabulous Festival Wedding Ideas

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Wishing on a boho-chic inspired wedding? Since festival season is a stone’s throw away, we have come up with a few inspired décor ideas to help you plan the perfect wedfest.

With the festival trend growing more popular every year, we’re seeing a growing number of alternative and funky ideas to incorporate into your wedding celebrations. Check out our favourites below!


Ideal for an outdoor celebration, highly effective and reasonably priced, jam jars are a great way to add a touch of DIY décor to your wedding theme. Adding coloured tissue paper to line the jars are a perfect way to pair them with your overall colour scheme and they help create an enchanting atmosphere for guests. For inside your marquee or tent, opt for fairy lights and hued lanterns across the roof to create beautiful mood lighting!

Images from left to right: Country House Wedding Venues, Helen Lisk Photography


Decorative Entertainment

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, incorporating fun and games into the entertainment is a must. Not only is it a perfect ice breaker for friends and family of the bride and groom, it’s also an exciting way to add some friendly cheer to the atmosphere.

The in-action shots of guests playing giant jenga will make for some adorably fond memories and add a splash of humour to the wedding album.

Try setting up an area for a game of rounders, an activity that both the adults and children can get involved in. Sack races will add a healthy dose of competition and take guests back to their school days during sports day! After a glass of prosecco or two you can be sure this game will have guests in fits of laughter. On top of this, scatter some hula hoops around, a few bouncy balls and some picnic blankets and let the guests get creative!

Images: Festival Brides


Flower power

Flower garlands, boho style blooms and wild flowers all around. Festival weddings aren’t complete without an overload of stunning floral décor.

For a quirky twist on a classic, try filling botanical bunches of flowers in funky patterned wellies. They’re cheap and cheerful and you can scatter them in and around the grounds for a unique accent to the theme.

As for the type of flowers to use, alongside wildflowers, daisies are also a great choice for a festival celebration. These sweet forget-me-not buds symbolise loyal love and innocence. Include them in your ceremony arch or even use them as inspiration for a statement wedding cake.


Signature Signage

Sometimes a large outdoor space can feel quite empty and barren, spruce up an uninspiring area with colourful signage to make the space feel inviting. If you’re hosting a live band to headline your celebration add a line-up board listing the events of the evening.

The wonderful thing about adding signage to a festival wedding is how creative you can get with personalising the design. Whether you want to keep it rustic and artsy or opt for simpler monotone signs, either option will give an authentic festival feel to your wedding. Get imaginative with the materials you use from neon coloured paint and light up lettering to chalkboard backgrounds and glow in the dark writing. The possibilities are endless!


For couples who are looking to add some pizazz to their tablescapes, a festival wedding is a theme where anything goes! You can mismatch fabrics and florals to your heart’s desire. The festival season also marks the beginning of spring so your options are endless when it comes to flower arrangements.

With airy fabrics, pastel palettes, and peonies in full bloom during the spring season, you can opt for a sweet and simple look. A blue chequered picnic style table runner, paired with teapot vase centrepieces give the décor a light-hearted and cutesy air to the theme.

For a funkier design, use Gin bottles and label tables according to areas of your favourite music festival such as the ‘pyramid stage’ or ‘the park’ at Glastonbury! It’s a great way to tie the décor into your overall festival theme and can be a great conversation starter for guests!

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