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How to create the ultimate Festival Wedding Experience

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You may have heard about, or even attended, our Festival Wedding Open Day last weekend. It was a fantastic day, and it was so nice to meet so many excited couples!

We managed to showcase ways to create the ultimate festival wedding. For those who couldn’t attend, we thought we would share some great ways to incorporate the festival style into your big day.

Set the scene

The fabulous thing about festivals are that there are so many different types. From the classy vintage style to the bold and playful carnival. You could even glam it up and adopt a more Coachella vibe into your big day.

Once you have an idea of the style you want, you can build all your wedding stationery, décor and entertainment around it.

Having a focused theme for your festival wedding creates such a glorious impact, forming a world of colour, music and excitement whichever way your guests turn.


Outdoor ceremony

With the right decoration and accessories a festival wedding is possible indoors, however, this wedding theme really lends itself to an outdoor wedding.

We have some stunning outdoor licensed areas, choose from the beautiful ornate arches of the Manor house or the elegant Victorian Pavilion by the lake.

The important thing when creating a festival wedding is that should have lots of things going on. Whether it’s something as delicate as some colourful bunting in the trees or a more elaborate jamming session in the gardens.

Why not offer outdoor games and delicious carts of food, have floating lanterns being let off on the lake or sparklers in the evening? If your guests know what’s happening, your wedding day can be as chaotic as you like, because that is the festival way.

Raise your Photography game

When searching for a photographer, look for someone who enjoys taking candid shots. This theme isn’t made for the more serious wedding poses.

Have a few posed family/close friend’s wedding photos to add to your collection, but the more natural your images are, the more ‘festival’ they will be.

Create the perfect backdrop or frame for your silly or selfie photos. Flower rings, flower walls and vintage photo frames create the ultimate setting for your group pictures.

Think artistically when it comes to your props. This is the perfect opportunity to get playful with flower crowns, wellies, wristbands, colourful umbrellas and even fairy wings. The rules are that there are no rules, if it’s fun and fabulous, your photos will be spectacular.

It’s all about Festival Food

For some, the food is the best part of a festival. Think canape style, handheld cuisine which can be enjoyed whilst up and about, dancing or mingling.

This kind of wedding is perfect for featuring a selection of carts, where your guests can create themselves a pimped-up prosecco, or dainty fish n chip cone. You could even offer a Taco cart!

For the main event (food wise), you could enjoy a sharing banquet at your tables and then treat your guests to some dishes with a difference for the evening, including a New York Feast and Caribbean Grazing Station. The Festival Wedding menu can be so varied, dramatic, exciting and that little bit different!

Festival style Entertainment

You can’t have a festival without an abundance of music. This can really represent you as a couple and show off your own musical tastes.

The great thing about The Manor is that you can have music in many areas. The dream would be to have an acoustic set in The Rock Bar or a band in the gardens during drinks before your DJ in the ballroom to dance the night away.

You could always decide on a live vocalist during your ceremony whilst you and your new hubby/wife sign the register.

Other entertainment options can also be incorporated during a festival, from magicians or as we mentioned earlier, garden games. We have some great games available to hire at The Manor, which we can have set up ready for you and your party. We have a fantastic crazy golf ready to set up, which is perfect for the big kids as well as the small.

A broad selection of entertainment keeps the day flowing and the spirits up, creating a real buzz throughout your wedding day.

Festival Wedding Décor

Last but by no means least, we have the décor. From the wedding stationery to the table plans there are so many amazing ways to dress up your festival wedding.

Who needs formal invites when you can have lanyards, tickets or personalised wristbands!

Louise Rowles Designs

The set up for our more elegant weddings involve the giant round tables, however, for a festival wedding, we love to use the long table set up. These look great without a tablecloth and are perfect for guest’s interaction, even the shyest of your friends and family.

Be as random as possible with your wedding décor. Think layer upon layer of wonderful weirdness that you would find at Glastonbury.

We have recently added a selection of props that are ready to hire out. We now have flamingos, decorative frames, lanterns, Big Bertha bean bags and deck chairs, to name a few.

If you are thinking about hosting a festival wedding, give our team a call on 01242 245 071 or email and we can help you come up with some imaginative ways to make it happen.

Making the Manor a more Environmentally Friendly Wedding Venue

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As you step into the grounds at Manor By The Lake, you are surrounded by so much beauty and history.

You will also find all sorts of wildlife including squirrels, ducks, bunnies and birds in the gardens, enjoying the safe setting that we provide.

Looking at the natural beauty of the gardens and the lake, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to harm our world and the environment in which we live.

Being an environmentally friendly wedding venue is of utmost importance to Manor By The Lake. It’s crucial that we all do our bit to make sure that the beauty that surrounds us is preserved.

What steps we have made to be an environmentally friendly wedding venue…

If you visit the Manor, you will see that we have taken a few other steps to help towards improving the environment.

Electric charging stations provided

As people are becoming more aware of the dangers of pollution, hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more popular.

We have applauded this movement and made steps to encourage the use of Electric Cars.

As you approach the Manor, you will find recently installed electric charging stations. Available for our guests to charge their vehicles ready to use when needed.

Recycling for a more eco-friendly venue

Along with many weddings and events comes a lot of food, packaging and props. To minimize the impact that this has we are tightening up our efforts to recycle any waste material.

The basics at the Manor are all covered, by making sure we separate all glass and cardboard before it is taken away.

Rather than throwing out any food waste, any excess goes to a local environmental business which processes it into energy.

A More Energy Efficient Manor

Manor By The Lake front view

As you can probably guess, keeping a house like Manor By The Lake heated and appropriately lit takes a lot of energy.

In response to this we have installed high efficiency boilers, making sure no heat energy is wasted. We also power down the Manor when the guests leave and for the occasional day when the Manor isn’t in use.

Water harvesting to help the gardens grow

Lakes and fountains at Manor By The Lake

As it is the UK, we obviously see quite a lot of rain. This is all gathered on our roof and piped into the lake for use on dry days to nourish the garden and support the wildlife.

Paper Straws to help save the environment

Paper Straws at Manor By The Lake

More recently, ahead of the proposed ban next year, we have already switched to using paper straws.

Plastic straws are listed as one of the top 10 items that effect our beaches, countryside and wildlife.

The straws that we use can be customized to suit our guests colour schemes. This will make sure they are in keeping with the fabulous weddings that we host. Our personal favorites have to be our striped carnival design and the oh so popular rose gold straws.

If everyone made these small changes it would lead to huge differences all over the world. We just hope other bars, restaurants, hotels and venues follow our lead

To find out more about booking an ethical and environmentally friendly venue, please contact our team on 01242 245 071 or

Vegan Weddings at The Manor

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The vegan way of life has become fiercely popular over the past 5 years, with more people switching to a more ethical, compassionate way of life. If you or your other half are vegan, it’s important that your wedding reflects your values throughout your big day. This switch to the vegan life style has seen a huge rise in people choosing to go for a vegan wedding.

Vegan bride walking down the aisle

Saying that, you may not be vegan, but have a variety of friends and family members who are. It’s always a good idea to cater your menu for an array of different tastes, allergies and beliefs so you and your guests can enjoy the day without any discomfort.

Here at The Manor we source all our ingredients locally and have great relationships with vegan friendly suppliers, so we know exactly where our produce come from. We do this, so we can guarantee the quality of all foods that are prepped in our kitchen.

 ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan’ moment

Vegan food

We truly believe that you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a vegan and non-vegan menu. The finish should be seamless, delicious and a real ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan’ moment.

Our dishes are out to impress, and there is so much variety to choose from. You should have a wide range of choices which is why we adapt our menu to suit your needs.

Once you have booked your wedding with us, you will be invited to a taste at The Manor. Ask your wedding co-ordinator for the vegan menu, so you can try out what we have to offer.

Our top vegan friendly dishes

Vegan deserts

So you can get an idea of the collection of vegan meals we have available, here are a few of our previous guests favourites.

Arancini stuffed with spinach and pine nuts, this is one of the options for our canapes. Perfect for guests as they enjoy a drink between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

A very popular starter is our pressed English tomato tian, aubergine caviar, capers and aged balsamic. The perfect combination of flavours, perfect for a summer wedding.

There are so many delicious spices and flavours in our Moroccan butternut squash and chickpea tagine. It comes with wholegrain fruit couscous, sakura cress salad and minted soy yoghurt for added sweet notes and a hit of freshness.

One of our popular deserts includes our moist Apple and Pistachio Cake, served with a refreshing vegan sorbet, pleasing all the senses!

Very simple, but utterly effective our Coconut Custard Pie is always a winner. Loved by our vegan and non-vegan guests this desert is hugely popular choice throughout our weddings. You could even try creating this for yourself with this delicious recipe! Download here.

It’s not just about the food…

Vegan champagne

If you are planning an all-out vegan wedding, you know it’s not just about the food that you are serving for your guests. Everything requires attention to detail from using fair trade flowers to burning beeswax free candles.

Champagne and wine are the biggest shocks to most when looking to turn Vegan. Lots of wines and the fizzes have a mix of milk protein, egg whites and gelatine in them, making them a no go.

Our bar at The Manor stocks drinks to suit all, so we can switch our drinks to suit a vegan friendly crowd.

If you fancy it, you could serve Dom Pérignon for your guests to toast your celebrations, not only will they be impressed, but they will be non-the-wiser that it’s for ethical reasons!

Little extras like our environmentally friendly paper straws will finish off your day, helping you say ‘I do’ in the most ethical way possible.

To talk about your food choices and requirements for your big day contact our team on 01242 245 071 or email