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Alternative Wedding Cakes

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Venue booked, invites sent… what’s next? THE WEDDING CAKE! Over the years, the traditional wedding cake of alcohol-soaked fruit has started to diminish, being replaced with a variety of flavours.

Recently, a new craze of cake has started appearing at weddings. Alternative wedding cakes!

These beautiful statement pieces are for those who aren’t a fan of the usual sponge and icing and want something a little bit different, going for ingredients more suited to their palate.

If you think about it, your wedding ‘cake’ can be made from anything. If it can be stacked and decorated to suit your colour scheme, all rules go out the window.

Here are a few inspirational alternative wedding cakes to get your creative juices flowing!

‘Cheese Cake? A Cake of Cheese?!’

Wedding cake of cheese

Wedding Cheese Cake Stack 1

Wedding Cheese Cake Stack 2

Wedding Cheese Cake Stack 3

Wedding Cheese Cake Stack 4

Wedding Cheese Cake Stack 5

If you are a cheese fan, you know the love is real. You watch videos of oozing cheese, can’t go without stealing a chunk or two whenever you open your fridge door and you have hour long conversations of various cheese that you have tasted in your life time.

There are so many different cheeses out there, offering different sizes, shapes, colours, smells and flavours, it’s the perfect way to treat your guests (unless they’re lactose intolerant’).

Either build one yourself by visiting your local farm shop or check out some of these delicious cheesy towers from high street retailers!

Cheese cake part 2

Cheesecake wedding cakes

Cake 1 – Sweet Obsession

Mini Cakes 2 – Shooting Hip Photography

Cake 3 – Credit Alisa Chapman Photography

Cake 4 – Chic Vintage Brides

Stepping towards a creamier cheese, why not indulge your guests with an actual cheesecake.

These have the versatility and the sweetness of a sponge wedding cake, but with extra creamy goodness.

Offering a slightly cheaper alternative, the wedding budget can stretch to a variety of cheese cakes for different tastes, giving you and your guests a choice of flavours.

Stacked Wedding Cakes

Alternative wedding cakes

Many brides and grooms have caught onto the fact that you can stack pretty much anything to create a tower of deliciousness. This started off with cute cupcakes but has progressed into some fabulous cakes!

This style is so much easier when it comes to handing out to guests. No cutting required, and friends and family can help themselves. Make sure you hold some back for yourself though, all is fair in love and cake.

This style of wedding cake suits itself to a variety of shapes including a colourful stack of doughnuts, glamorous Ferrero Rochers, delicate macaroons or an oozing stack of brownies.

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake

Alternative wedding cake style

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake 1 – Photo Credit : Kina Wicks Photography

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake 2

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake 3

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake 4

Since the childhood days of messy cake making and eating marshmallow off the spoon, these deliciously gooey chunks of goodness have been given an upgrade and turned into wedding cakes!

These can be created from multiple mini rice crispy cakes in a stacked fashion, or you can create 3 big cakes for a tiered wedding cake of dreams.

Pork Pie Wedding Cake

Pork Pie Wedding Cakes

Pork Pie Alternative Wedding Cake 1

Pork Pie Alternative Wedding Cake 2

Moving away from the sweet cakes, back onto something a little more savoury with Pork Pie Cake.

Ideal for a more rustic looking wedding, these can be accompanied with a selection of chutneys, coleslaw and pickles.

Classic, cool and utterly delicious.

The thing we adore about weddings today, is that they can be whatever you want them to be.

Long gone are the days where you were restricted by tradition. The choice is now based around you as a couple, with your tastes, hobbies and style being the focus.

If you are looking for some creative inspirations, feel free to give our team a call on 01242 245 071 or email

How to Keep Children Entertained at Weddings : The Ultimate Guide

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Couples who have many mini guests on their list, always have the same question of how to keep children entertained at weddings.

We love to see littles ones at weddings. Their cute outfits, their infectious energy and they do make the cutest wedding pics. But what happens when they get bored, fidgety or start running riot? Parents get anxious, guests get agitated and everything gets that little bit chaotic.

There are so many ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen, it’s just having the props and accessories to keep things running as planned.

It may take a little imagination and a small section of the wedding budget, but if you have lots of children attending your big day, it will be totally worth it.

Outdoor weddings…

Outdoor weddings are a godsend for little ones and their parents. It makes them feel less enclosed, their voices don’t carry as far and there is so much distraction when the ceremony just isn’t doing it for them.

outdoor weddings with kids

It does mean that you need to be a little prepared for the varying UK weather. This means sun cream stations if it’s a particularly hot day or umbrella’s if it decides to rain.

With outdoor weddings come the outdoor games! Set up an area where your guests can enjoy a spot of croquet, take part in an intense round of giant Jenga or even set up a simple grid for hopscotch.

Manor By The Lake offer a fantastic range of giant garden games, ready for guests big and small. A fantastic chance to enjoy the glorious British outdoors in all of its glory.

Get Bouncing!

Wedding bouncy castle

Nothing wears childr… we mean entertains children like a bouncy castle. Fantastic for letting off steam and creating excitement.

Children will spend hours on a bouncy castle and its also a great way for guests young and the young at heart to join in wedding activities together.

Playful Props Stations

Wedding props for children

Glow Sticks – Ebay 

Wedding Ribbons – Etsy

Bubbles – The Wedding of My Dreams

Children love a prop, they are also great for adding quirky fun photos to your wedding album.

Personalise them, make them creative and if you can, keep them colourful or within your wedding colour scheme.

Ideas for your children’s wedding station could include a bubble station, wedding ribbon wands, a hula hoop area and a glow sticks table.

You could even set up a competition of ‘I Spy’ with disposable cameras. Create a list of things that the children need to take a picture of and send them off to mingle with guests and enjoy the décor that you have spent so long creating.

When the weather is typically British… Indoor Fun

How to keep children entertained at a wedding

Wedding Bingo Etsy 

Wedding Colouring – Etsy 

The main time you ideally need the children to be at their calmest is during the wedding breakfast and speeches.

Why not give each child something creative to do. It could be something as simple as a colour in place mat, or colouring book. You could even provide them with a bowl of Lego as a center piece.

Table Bingo is also a great way to make the children interact with the speeches.

Create a grid of words you would typically hear in a speech and get them to mark down when one of their words is said. Once they have ticked off their words, they can shout BINGO! (Just make sure there is an obscure one right at the end, so you can raise your glass in peace.

The great thing with having an exclusive use venue like Manor By The Lake is that you have access to various rooms in The Manor, leaving plenty of room for activities.

Rooms can be used for drinks and rest stops, or you could set up a movie room. Project a film onto a white sheet and throw down some comfortable bean bags/pillows on the floor. Pick some classic films that kids of all ages can enjoy and there we have it, hours of fun!

Not forgetting the extra tiny ones, new parent’s will appreciate a cushioned playmat for the floor. Letting their little one stretch out and enjoy various colours and textures.

It’s the little things that count

Milk and doughnuts for weddings

The little extras at a wedding make all the difference. From flip flops for tired feet to goodie bags for children. Kids love to have silly things to play with, so why not set up their own photo prop box to use in front of the magic mirror?

Whilst we are all toasting the happy couple with champagne, hand out glasses of milk with cookies or fizzy squash with strawberry decoration. Just so they feel inclusive in the celebrations.

Give the parents some time off

As a parent, it’s lovely to spend time with your little one at weddings. They are precious memories that you will treasure forever. However, it is also nice to have some time to enjoy being dressed up and out with your family and friends.

Start the disco off a little earlier, whilst guests are enjoying their welcome drinks and make it kids hour! You can have Disney songs playing, party songs, party games. No adults allowed!

If you want your guests to have a truly child free afternoon/evening, bring in the professionals.

There are companies who offer registered childcare for your wedding day, meaning that no one must worry about a thing.

Keep them involved

Finally, get the little ones involved! Give them tasks to do during the day. The Bridesmaid and Paige boys will take their roles very seriously if you give them some responsibility.

Put someone in charge of the sweets table, to make sure everyone gets a treat. Have someone in charge of dancing, to make sure people get up and dance. Trust us, no one can round up a group of people for the cutting of the cake better than a bunch of ‘sugar starved children!’.

Contact our team to talk about ways to keep your reception stress free and how to create kid-friendly fun on 01242 245 071 or email

Green is the Wedding Colour Trend for 2019

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Harry and Megan’s wedding has set the focus colour for next year’s wedding scene, making green wedding colour trend for upcoming celebrations.

The amazing thing about this beautifully natural colour is that it has so many glorious shades. It looks great with a variety of skin tones and can be complemented by so many other colours.

Whether you are looking for the classic rustic look, or a more floral elegance, this colour fits perfectly with all different styles.

Fauna and Foliage

Many think that foliage offers a backdrop, where as flowers are the statement. What if you made the foliage the focus? There are so many statement leaves out there, offering strong shapes and stunning shades, it’s just a case of thinking outside the box.

Herb decoration at a wedding

Herbs in wedding decor

A trend returning to the wedding world is the use of herbs in a wedding.

Queen Victoria made floral arrangements poplar when she got married carrying a snowdrop bouquet, making the use of herbs less fashionable.

Lucky for us, they are back! There are so many types out there all offering their own unique beauty, it makes it very easy to incorporate a variety of herbs throughout your big day.

Some like to use them as delicate décor in their bouquet with a splash of rosemary or a scent of sage. Others prefer to make them a main feature by creating a herb garden garland, which can flow down your aisle.

If you are interested by symbolism, herbs are a great way to incorporate a deeper meaning into your wedding day.

Sage symbolises wisdom, long life and esteem, where as Rosemary represents remembrance, love, loyalty and fidelity.

Succulents and structure

Succulents in wedding decoration

Succulents are ideal for offering your wedding a modern twist. They have such a stunning way of adding a variety of shapes, textures and tones to your décor.

Wedding Cake image – Edible Art Cakes 

Succulent Favours image – Carlie Statsky – Via Bridebox 

They have been increasing in popularity over the past 5 years and are now a firm favourite in the world of wedding bouquets.

Succulents are pretty sturdy, which is important in a bouquet and they can survive longer without water. This gives your bouquet more life and can be re-potted, so you always have a reminder of your beautiful day.

Succulents symbolise enduring and timeless love, making them a poetic idea for a wedding favour. You can offer each of your guests a tiny succulent plant in a pot of your choice and add their name to each one. Name place setting, table décor and wedding favour all in one!

Add Ferns and Ivy to your day

Fern wedding decoration

The combination of a white linen table cloth, the warm glow of candle light and the rich colour of ferns and ivy creates the perfect wedding centrepiece. A beautiful choice for those looking for a more rustic or boho wedding.

Wedding invitation – Not on the Highstreet

This kind of greenery is ideal for garlands and foliage walls. Utterly idyllic for photography and additional décor whether you’re going for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Like the succulents, foliage such as fern and ivy are structurally sound, they are also easy to manipulate making them easy to transport and work with when putting your wedding together.

Complementary Colours

Complementary colours for a green wedding

Making green your main colour opens so many options for complementary colours.

The Prince and The Duchess decided on a very simple white and green theme, with the bridesmaids wearing white dresses to match the bride.

Megan’s bouquet included a collection of Forget-me-nots, lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet peas and a sprig of myrtle. The wedding party all joined in the scheme by wearing either green or pastel shades. This created a wonderful feel of class and elegance.

If you are looking to add some glamour to your wedding day, why not add a splash of Gold?

This can be done with accents of gold in the table decorations including a glistening runner or you can add gold décor to the wedding cake.

The wedding party can include gold in their wedding attire, or gold sprayed flowers would look incredible in the bouquet.

Pastels have always been a popular choice in wedding decoration but keeping it simple with two complimenting colours offers additional zest without going overboard.

Two colour combos that work well include green and blush, or blue and green.

A clever way to incorporate these colours subtly into your green theme is via the flowers you use in your arrangements and via your bridesmaids/groomsmen attire.

Keep the main base colour green and offer a little hint of additional colour for a truly delicate finish.

Jump on the foliage trend and add your own unique twist to create the wedding of your dreams. Talk to our team today about creative ideas for your big day on 01242 245 071  or email